movie buddies.


Look what the cat drug in in 2014! Ole JB. It was cool to see him today and have a long convo. We went to see the Hobbit..something something Smaug movie which I did not want to see! I wanted to see the movie “Her”..But I must admit, the movie we saw was ON POINT. I was very surprised that JB paid for my movie ticket. He never has paid for a movie ticket for me. But there was a catch. I fit the bill for steak and shake later. But it’s all good. This was not a date. We are not dating, don’t have plans to date, but when things got confusing a few months ago..I lost a friend. He had become a friend as I don’t have much of anyone here to call a “friend”. I did feel that loss briefly, of us not having anymore movie get togethers.

It was nice to “close” it. Be honest and move on. We both shared stories of what we have going on w possible significant others and it was all good. I showed him a picture of a friend and so JB wanted a pic as well. So here we are Take 1-4.

Goodnight/Morning! I’m sleepy!


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