In my feelings.

This week I have been really in my feelings…take that back..since I have been back in VA I have been in my feelings. This week started out interesting and I have been thinking about it every since…fretting mostly and desiring an experience that could expound my knowledge and skill set..only time will tell of how much of an experience this shall be.

Then my instincts (woman’s) have been kicking in on certain subjects. I have been pondering situations with certain people so much for the past week to two weeks. I want to say so much but have chosen to not act out emotionally. I think it was last weekend. I had a dream that I was talking to someone….and my voice very slowly became raspy and then went completely out. Frustrated, I put my hand up to my throat and thought, I’ve never lost my voice before. Why is this happening?? I tried to strain my neck to get my words to come out, but only whispers preceded to empty out of my mouth. Then in my dream, I thought..I just found my voice, I can’t lose it now! I woke up frustrated…I knew exactly why I had the dream. There were somethings on my heart that I wanted to verbalize, but I have chosen not to….That’s not like me, but I have still chosen not to. I think I have chosen a better time to utilize my energy.

Then last night I dreamt that I was at home in the church parking lot with my other church members as it was drawing to dusk and getting darker by the moment. The people I was with and I looked up into the sky to see it stirring. We all got concerned as it seemed as if out of nowhere the weather began to turn. All the people in the parking lot started to hurry inside of the church building as the wind picked up. I remember attempting to run against the wind headed for shelter. I made it inside our downstairs area in the old building of my home church. But I saw other people attempting to run inside and the wind making their efforts difficult. I remember reaching out to grab people and pull them indoors..I was successful for some, but not all….When I woke up, I knew exactly what my dream was. Whenever there is wind whether it be tornados or hurricanes in my dreams, it is a symbol of my emotional state. The weather and water are my symbols and are consistent w detailing my current emotions…My first destructive dream that included severe wind, that I can remember was back in 2011… The church in my dream was my safe place…even the smell of my church gives me comfort and I did smell it in my dream. The church is also a sign of my spirituality…..

Deep ain’t it?

On a different note. Shouts out to my new readers and followers. I have a dozen new readers and it has done my heart great to read the positivity from these fellow bloggers. I’m hoping my blog will do just as well as you guys. It gives me inspiration! “This man’s journey” you are my new favorite! God Bless you! and Be safe out there 🙂


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