“SuperSoul Sunday” inspired by the Own Network

I decided not to attend church this morning or go to Richmond. I had all plans to leave this morning early and find a church in Richmond this morning and spend the rest of the day there..possibly come back later on tonight or in the morning. But I could not be stimulated by road miles this weekend or people. I drive about 63 miles a day for work and this week has been difficult for me more mentally than physically. So today I needed a “SuperSoul Sunday”. Church here in VA is so intellectualized. There so much information that can be overwhelming. There’s no “turn with me to the book of….” There’s no “let’s ponder on this fact in your life..”As a Christian, I don’t doubt that I need the knowledge of the Bible. It is important to be knowledgeable of the history. I actually envy those who can narrate the history, the lineage of Christ, the 12 tribes, etc. But that is NOT all that I need. I need to be reattached at church by the ministry, reattached to the VERY BEING of why I even said Yes to God. One thing I heard the minister say a few months ago, was that God does not “speak” to us outside of the Bible. There are no miracles. Which no, I don’t believe there are “miracles” like that mentioned in the old or new testaments, but I still believe in miracles and the supernatural. This is a church of the brain and I need a church of the brain, heart and spirit. The members who attend are people of the brain, heart and a few of the spirit that I have met so far. This is why people must know GOD for themselves. The miraculousness of God could be cut short by the preaching of some of those who have their own preconceived notions of how God performs. He can do anything! If He wants to talk to me in my dreams, talk to me during trying, happy or simple times He can and will. 

I remember the day I flipped my truck on a beautiful day in February 2010. I decided to not go inside my client’s high school because school was close to dismissing, so I thought, let me go to his house which was down the street. I did not make it to his house. I was hit on my passengers side by a vehicle on the side street of the high school.  I remember having two voices in my thoughts. One was me freaking out and another one was a calmer voice, instructing me on what to do….The calmer voice was louder than my own freaking out thoughts. It was like my freaking out was caught somewhere in the background and the calmest one was in the forefront with my full attention. When I felt my truck turning over onto its side and heard the additional noise of glass, metal scraping and everything in my truck knocking into each other…I heard very calmly. “You are flipping over. You are flipping over. Hold on to your steering wheel. Do not move. Do not move. Hold on to your steering wheel.” I held on so tightly until the force of the motion knocked my grip off the wheel. I don’t remember what any of the people who found my belongings out of my truck looked like. At the moment, I had even forgotten how to use a phone. But I will never forget that voice. I believe it saved me from being seriously injured. I hopped back to work five days later. I was not seriously harmed. I had back pain, neck, arm and midsection pain(soreness) for a while, glass scratches on my knuckle and on my face, but no broken bones. Just like the progressing death of my brother, this moment will never be forgotten. Although mentally I struggled after this incident, I met God and saw His miracles for myself that day. A couple of days after my accident I found out where my truck was towed. When I saw it in the scrapyard it was like…I was in that?? The guy who was at the counter of the scrapyard after my dad and I went to go pick up my belongings…said in a dooming tone…oh, I hope the person who was in this truck is ok……I looked up at him and said. “It was me.” The look on his face was as if he had seen a ghost. 

So I needed this day to “reattach”, commune with the Spirit vs being stimulated by the interstate or intellectualized by this church. I am in the process of finding somewhere else to go. 

Anyway, I will find another weekend to head to Richmond…I’ve been wanting to go for about a year or so now. Just haven’t wanted to drive additionally over the weekend I guess. Last year I drove about 100 mies a day to and from work…I have a friend who probably is calling me bluff right now. I know my Baltimore friend is close to calling me bluff…but I will follow through with that commitment if weather permits next month. 


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