These may not be great photos, but they are my photos I took over my “dad’s” house in the country of Alabama. I watched and listened while taking the photos behind a pair of trees on the side of his house. “Dad” was my great uncle, my grandmother’s brother who was born a twin; however the twin died at birth. In the images above there are two people. One is Man (my daddy) the other is Dad. They were talking and I loved that Dad was that guy who worked on the farm all of his life. He lived on a piece of land with a three room shack made of all types of materials. On the inside it smelled of old firewood and had plywood floors. The second bedroom had two big old beds and chiffrobes (sp?) in them that all belonged to my great grandmother at one time. There were so many memories in that small dwelling place. Even Martin Luther King’s picture had a spot on the wall in dad’s house. He still had an outhouse toilet until the day he died in 2007. He was as strong as a BULL! We really don’t know how old he was, but gauged somewhere in his late 70’s early 80’s. He was my grandmother’s baby brother. One of the two lasting siblings out of 7 children. If an infection did not set up in his blood, I think Dad would still be here with us. He was a pillar in my life, that signified simplicity. My brother and I would love going to his house every Thanksgiving when we visited from Tennessee. For me it was a reminder of how far my family has come. Dad was illiterate, never drove a car, but knew his way around a horse, tractor, livestock, agriculture and seasons. My daddy and twin (my uncle) would tell so many stories of running through that land in the back of the house to go fishing, pick up fruit off trees, and go to a neighbors house who had “sugar water” aka coke. I think this neighbor was the only one with a phone as well. I would try to connect with the untouched earth and wish I had been there to see them as boys running around. Wishing I had seen their house and my grandmother trying to make due as a colored woman in the south. I had great envisions of the 50’s and 60’s and thanked God I was able to listen to their stories and see the expressions of joy on their faces when talking about simpler yet complex times.  

These are my ImAGES. Why do I write it that way? Because they have great significance throughout the AGES. 

R.I.P. to my great uncle, great aunts, grandmother, great grandmother and brother. 

They all made it Cool2bChrisP! 



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