I need for my audience to help me decide where to go for my big 32nd birthday in August. I have to plan ahead as I want to do it big! It’s gotta be better than my 31st which was fantastic! 

Ok, I am thinking of about five places. Help me decide on which place I should visit. 

1. Jamaica. I have a friend who is from there and it would be cool to see their family and environment. 

2. Mexico. I have never been! And it’s Spanish speaking which is a language that is on my bucket list

3. NEW YORK! My good friend is in New York state and it would be good to visit her. Plus I’ve never been to NY. 

4. New Orleans, Louisiana! Never been! I know a friend who lives about an hour south from NO!

5. Either somewhere in California or Hawaii. I know a few people who live in Hawaii and a couple in Cali. As you can tell. Anywhere different and tropical is the name of the game for my bday. 


My facebook friends hit me up, new followers and readers. Help me decide which one would be great to celebrate mi birthday! 


Gotta go!


3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Hawaii is beautiful but very, very expensive. I vote for Jamacia. Lots of all inclusive resorts, beautiful beaches and the people are very friendly.

  2. I say Jamaica too. I travelled to Ochos, Rios in 2009, but on a cruise and really didn’t get a chance to sight see or taste the jerk chicken.

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