The Best things are some of the Sweetest things…

Some of the best moments and sweetest things do not cost anything at all. And if it does, the experience is one you take for a lifetime.


A few months ago I was on the phone with a friend. I did not have to go to work the next day because it was holiday weekend. I was up late and wired. I got a slight inclination to get up, get dressed and go to Walmart to buy a movie. I was in the mood to see an 80’s classic, “The Breakfast Club”. At the time, I did not have cable so I craved going to buy those $5-$8 movies every week to have something good on my tv. So I told my friend, I’m wired and I think I will go to Walmart and pick up “The Breakfast Club” I am in the mood to see it. It was well passed midnight and chilly outside. The more I was on the phone and comfortable, the more I thought against it because I did not want to leave my warm abode. So I told my friend, I think I change my mind about going to Walmart. We continued communicating for a few minutes when he texted. “Get up, go to your door and look down.” First, how he knew I was lying down or sitting down I don’t know, but at first I was like…..What?? But I didn’t ask him any questions. I threw on some clothes headed to my door, looked through the peep hole to make sure I wasn’t gonna get GOT. I opened my door, looked down and on my welcome mat was………………..The dvd “The Breakfast Club”. I was like AWWWW… smile smile. It’s making me cheese right now. I looked around and saw NO ONE out there. Had no idea where my friend went. Once I picked up the dvd. I texted him a heartfelt thank you. But I was somewhat sad because I did not get to see him. hahaha and because I pouted. My friend came back and watched the movie with me. 😀  It was truly unexpected and in typical fashion of my friend’s personality. He’s unpredictable, aloof, loves romantic plots, movies. He described himself at one time the John Cusak in the movie “Say Anything”. Funny thing, I have never seen that movie; however I do know that one part where John is holding up that old school Boombox for his girl to hear him outside. Teehee. I will never forget that at all. We don’t get too many moments in each other’s company, so I relish whatever I can get. 


Over the summer my mother sponsored my hotels and my flight or car (I can’t remember) for when I went to South Florida. I stayed at two different Wyndham hotels during my 5 day stay. One was very close to the beach. All I had to do was walk across the street, through a courtyard and I was on the hot hot sand. The other was about 10 miles from the beach, but the place was HUGE. I absolutely loved the atmosphere, weather, colors, water, FOOD, diversity, POPULATION, people of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach. I drove so much in that little Fiat. The size of the Fiat is the total opposite of what I drive on a daily basis. I could take the Fiat and tuck it into my SUV any day, that’s how small it is. I celebrated my 31st birthday in one of the most beautiful places in the US. 


Over the spring my pops and I were in Florida as well. I took off a whole week and we spent about 6 days in Ft. Lauderdale and  few hours in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is where I got my hair done by a Bahamian laTey. Her accent engulfed my very being and I left with my thoughts sounding like her voice and accent. I lost her as soon as I got back to Virginia. I miss her ahaha. Although at times the trip got awkward while on the old school ship. I appreciate my dad for asking me to go when his brother could not attend. Oh yeah, Man found out about my tattoo when I was on the ship, that’s how much of close quarters that old school ship was. He was like…WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR LEG?? Is that a TATTOO?? I was like..YES! aha. He wasn’t upset, but shocked though. *shrugs


To be continued..


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