Interwoven by love.


I had a conversation today with a great friend. We were discussing the untimely death of our good friend/brother a couple of days ago and how it is very painful to have to deal with a loss of someone you love. We all grew up with AL and although I had not seen him in a few years, he was still a brother to me. It’s like if he was in the place, you would know immediately because he had a beautiful soul and light about him. You’d just know he was around. Then I think about his family who we empathize/sympathize with…So as my friend and I were talking, he mentioned thinking about others who we all loved that passed on and their effects on us after the loss. He mentioned that he had dreams of my brother dressed in his white suit on a very consistent basis. He brought up a fond memory of he and my brother sitting at the front of the church in his suit as they got ready to serve and as they sat together they both were joking, laughing and trying not to get in trouble. This was information that I never knew. My friend is about 4 years older than me. I was 14 when my brother passed. At the developmental stage of 14 everything is personal, internalized struggles. I felt very isolated and alone in my grief. I was a “delayed griever”. I didn’t start showing outward signs of grief until after I had left home for college. As I heard my friend sharing his story of grieving my brother, as well as us grieving those we loved and lost, I was emotional…but felt this “interwoven” connection that we all have for each other due to our love for the people and their families that we all grew up around. That is important to me, especially now since I am away from home and on my own journey. I felt apart of something big during that moment. Although I know (intellectually) I am apart of something greater. My spirit felt the connection through his story of my sweet brother. I appreciate him very much for the opportunity of sharing his story/feelings with me. Those people especially my GP came alive in that very moment. It means more to me than he will ever know. Memories are what keeps are lost loved ones alive. And that’s why I call it an interwoven connection by/through love.

Interwoven connections make it Cool2bChrisP!

R.I.P. AL Batson Jr.


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