Since teaching adjunct at ITT, the passion for instructing has flared. I would really like to or I think I would like to teach the future counselors and social workers of America on the University track…well you know what that means right? This kid is going to have to go back to school for a Ph.D if that’s really what I want to do and get PAID. If I do that, this kid will have to find a job at a college or university in order to get tuition paid for. These not for profit companies do not have tuition reimbursement as much as I would like or if anything at all. I’m thinking and thinking…praying and praying. Teaching actually runs in my blood. My aunts are educators, my dad teaches and my cousin is an educator. Just feels right. I am thinking I could increase my skill set as a counselor without direct frontline work and increase my finances by the thousands… I could go anywhere I want to go as a professor. Keep me in your prayers, if indeed you are the praying type. 🙂


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