I haven’t been…

I haven’t been to the church I normally attend since 1/12. I went a week after getting back in town from Nashville. The transition from my home church to this church created sharp waves in my spirit. I’m not saying my home church is perfect..at all. They have their own issues they are dealing with at this time, like dwindling attendance for one thing. My home church had about 1200-1500 on roster about 10 years ago. Now, I would say we have about 700 on a good day. A lot of us moved to different spots of the country, went to college, a lot started attending Churches of Christ closer to their homes when the gas prices rose, some we lost from death, some stopped attending church period, got lost and a few just started going to denominational churches. I can see why some went denominational especially after a move. I’m thinking about attending a denominational church just to get a little food for my soul in a sermon while I am up here in SouthWest Virginia. I had no idea that finding a good fit for a church would be so difficult up here. I just automatically assumed that I’d find a good fit just walking in any Church of Christ in the area. Ha! There’s like 3 to chose from. The one I have been attending is the biggest one of about maybe 200 members. I also think about, why have you been in one building since the 60’s? Where’s the growth? Aren’t we attempting to grow and diversify the church? But then I have to remember my locality. This area is much smaller than where I’m from…They are doing well compared to the other CoC’s who have about 40-70 members on a good day.  And Church is such a segregated place in all towns and cities mostly in the South. I went to another Coc last week and I was the ONLY spot in the place. This church was very small but yet in a big building. I’m thinking at one time it was a bigger congregation but dwindled due to certain Coc foundations being veered away from. If you are familiar with the fundamentals of Coc you know that women do not serve during the operation of service. Last week a woman read the scripture and three women served at the table for communion and offering. I’ve always been a believer of letting the MEN serve as they are the leaders of the household. But don’t ever get it twisted. Women are the neck of the Head. 

I try not to judge, but if I did not attend the church where I’m from, at least I knew that I could go visit at least 15 other Coc’s in Metro Nashville Davidson County area. I could at least find another fit that way. But here I am limited to 3 really, unless I went back down the interstate like I do M-F. After driving at little over 350 miles a week for work, adding more interstate time would be a cuss word to me. 

So anyway, I thank God for Man sending CD’s by mail  of the sermons I’ve missed from home. I have so many of them that also consist of my congregation singing. God knows I need to hear all of that on top of the hymns. I listened to one already this morning. I want to tune into Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday briefly, then delve into another sermon CD. 

Been thinking about a lot lately. I don’t want my spirituality to suffer by not attending church… You know satan loves for you to be off guard! Off your post! Not thinking straight..without your coat of armor…out there by yourself..alone/lonely. It just loves those wondering lambs with seemingly no shepherd around….

but I also don’t wanna feel like I attended church and got NOTHING for my soul either. My family and friends know what I’m thinking. I’m just doing a lot of praying right now to be set in the right setting for both spiritual growth, continued physical improvements, professional growth, financial growth and romantic growth. 🙂

This comes with transitions of being away from home on a personal journey. My personal journey has taught me so much about me, including my wants, needs and desires. It has molded me to be the best Cool Chris that I can be. It gets rough indeed…it is rough! But I would not take back this journey for anything and that’s what makes it Cool2bChrisP!

Happy Reading. 


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