Last Night…

Last night was interesting. I decided to retreat to bed earlier than usual for me. I got in the bed by 9p, but finally went to sleep around 10:15. My dreams were again very eventful and I don’t remember watching tv last night to even mess with my psyche. I dreamt about water again. Not as calm as my other water dreams, but still calmer than how my water dreams have the possibility of getting… I dreamt about being on a cruise ship with my dad. He was with someone who I thought was my mom, but I never saw her, just knew he was with a female. I remember just being in the sunlight, being happy and carefree. I also remember being on shore with someone out in the wilderness, watching horses or cows wading in the water and drinking from it. Then I was with a small group of people inside of a small church. I was having a moment with them…somebody clapped really hard while singing and it woke me out of my dream. I laid there for a second thinking about the clap noise. Then I thought about a song and looked over at my phone. The time was 3:17am. From that moment this morning, I started having hymns in my thoughts for the rest of the morning. I prayed and went back to sleep. I enjoyed the songs in my dream and in my thoughts. I grew up on listening to my daddy singing “In the shadow of the cross” and instead of saying “shadow” daddy is so country that he says “shad’er of the cross”. So many songs that gave/give me peace and solace. I got up and wrote in my phone the songs that I was thinking so I could remember the medley of hymns that greeted me in my dreams. Last night was an awesome night/early morning. I didn’t tell you the other night I dreamt about a scripture was written on my forehead. Psalm 9. 

Well going to watch “My 600lb life” on TLC. Goodnight.


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