7 thoughts on “Umm….

  1. Interesting!
    What if the preacher or father’s saying ‘Someone here’s lost and hopeless’ was tantamount to those Sun-Times horoscopes that are specially designed to be so universally obvious that they always give their horoscope readers that special eerie feeling of particularity and insight, exploiting the psychological fact that most people are narcissistic and prone to the illusion that they and their problems are uniquely special and that if they’re feeling a certain way then surely they’re the only person who is feeling like that. 🙂
    Did I mention I don’t believe in horoscopes 🙂

    1. Hello,
      I’m not that fond of them either. But I have divulged some things to fam and friends that involves all that the “horoscope” predicted today. I never take these seriously but this was just tooooo close. Coincidence?

      1. I try not to say too much bc I’m apt to changing my mind, but looking into a Ph.D program back in my homestate.
        😉 never thought I’d want to go back to school, but career speaking I have no choice..I think.
        Thanks for reading and commenting!

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