2 year countdown in 9 days…

I will be here in Virginia going on two years on Feb 24th or 25th, I can’t remember. And Chile..It has been an eventful two years indeed. Some good moments and some not so good moments as well. I will be sharing with you some of both with the upcoming days. I will also end it with what I have been thinking as of late. I can say the best thing has been crafting my skills or expounding on them in a way that I was not able to do while in Nashville. I would have never thought to teach on a “college” level for starters. I also would have never thought that on a regular basis that I would be sent to the principal’s office ahaha. I will explain later. But wanted to let you know how time flies when you’re counting paychecks and trips home. 🙂


Stay tuned. 

Cool2bChrisP! is gonna let you in on a journey that’s about 24 months old!

Happy Reading! I totally adore you…true STORAAYY!


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