21 inches of PURE SNOW!

I have never in my life experienced snow of great proportions like I did on Wednesday night and all day Thursday. I went to work on Wednesday, they let the kiddo’s out of school three hours early ahead of the snowstorm. Hindsight is 20/20, because I was a little ill that morning, I should have stayed home, but I didn’t and was out in that air. Head started pounded by 10am. I stayed until 12:30, jetted up the interstate, went to the grocery store and then Big Lots. By the time I got in Big Lots, it was apparent that this illness was going to stay a while, just like the impending snow. When I finally parked my truck at my complex, that’s when the few drops of snow began to fall. I said, Thank GOD it waited until I got to my house. It did not take but 30 minutes for the snow to cover the grounds. I will never complain about being in 1-2 inches or even a dust of snow ever again in my life. When one sees your vehicle being buried by the hour, it’s serious business. I prayed that we would not lose power, as I was running a fever and needed all of the heat I could get. And thank YA the power stayed on and so did my heat! 

The snow falling was very beautiful though, the cabin fever (and actually fevers) was sucky. The forecast was that we would have anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow in my area. By the time it was all over and done. 21 inches fell over my town and 26 a few miles east of me. When I was a kid it snowed in Nashville about 5-7 inches sometimes during the winter. Nashville has not seen a snow like that in 25 years. So I would think if Nashville everrrr saw what we saw up here the whole city would be shut down for a whole week. Guaranteed.

Today I decided I could not take being in the house too much longer. So what was a girl to do? I do NOT own a snow shovel. I thought to get one on Wednesday while I was in Big Lots, but the kid’s headache was BANGING. I just wanted to go home. I could have borrowed a neighbor’s, but I don’t really talk to my neighbors…I went outside this morning with my CITY tail,  with a dust pan and a baking pan. As soon as I bent over to scoop up some snow,  I thought….****@@##@#$$#!! this AINT gonna work. So something said, “girl, call your apartment complex to ask if they have a shovel!” So I called and the nice lady in the office located me a shovel. Thank GAWD! I was about to lose it…my sanity that is.  

I got that shovel and the snow was hard and heavy to move. I started thinking where’s my daddy? ahahaha. My nose was running, it was so cold and the wind was blowing so fiercely. I started praying hoping that I would not catch my death as I am recovering from a sinus infection. After breaking up some of the chunks, it got easier and I could see my way out of it…by the time I was done, I didn’t want to be done. It had actually gotten kinda fun and I knew I was getting some much needed exercise. BUT I’mma feel this in my back tonight and tomorrow! 

Anyway, new experiences, including seeing nearly two feet of snow..makes it Cool2bChrisP! 

Happy Reading!! I totally adore you…true story!


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