My Top 10 cons of living in a small town


10. Lack of diversity; lacks black people, Middle Easterners, Indians, Islanders, accents, colors, international food stores and products

9. Lack of natural hair care salons; I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to find a naturalist online.

8. 5-10 years behind in progression of anything compared to the big city living..self explanatory

7. Have to commute 50 plus miles to big concerts.

6. Big box stores and development are looked down upon

5. Small “regional” yet expensive airports; equipped with no SouthWest airlines and crop dusters

6. Small world and business everywhere; Be careful who you talk about, it maybe you’re talking about somebody’s auntie or cousin

5. No Costco’s, Trader Joe’s, HairWorld, Cheesecake Factory, nice outlet malls, Charming Charlie, Famous Daves……..list goes on and on

4. Hard to find a big church with an array of ages; either there are the really young (babies), married young…

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