My Top 10 Pros of Small Town living


10. Less traffic: unless there’s construction on 81 or a little fender bender, I will take this back. But if I’m out on the road at 5pm here, I am still rolling 55mph or more. 

9. Friendly people; the people in small towns love to introduce themselves and find some commonality. 

8. Good scenery; small towns have a vast amount of trees, trials, mountains, farms to gawk at. During the change of seasons it is the most beautiful works of ART. 

7. Fresher Air; With there being less traffic, less buildings, comes more trees and vegetation, making the air much crisper and easier to breath.

6. Less Crime per capita; If I added the crime for this town I live, the NRV, Lynchburg and surrounding areas, it will still not equal to the crime in most big cities. 

5. Mom and Pop shops; are always best when you are short…

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