24 months

My journey to the Southern parts of Virginia just turned two years old on the 25th. I remember it was sooooo cold outside. The wind was blowing fiercely and it was spitting snow outside. It was so cold that my eyes were watering and my nose was running while taking my belongings out of the Uhaul.  I don’t think I nor my family have felt cold wind like that before. I had both my parents with me moving to an old apartment near Virginia Tech. The apartment was so ancient that I knew at the jump that this would be a temporary dwelling..but I didn’t know it was going to be only 9 months of temporary with 4 months of sheer hate for the place and the landlord. Mr. Slusser…I would nickname him Mr. “Shucker” as he was an old man shucker and jiver. What worked in my favor? If I had any favor in that place was…SHUCKER couldn’t play a player….I never signed a LEASE. BOOM! I waited on him to come over and review a lease with me the first couple of months, but he never did, but he would refer to it when convenient. And I said to myself, if he ever came over with a lease I aint signing NOTHING! I’d sign Donald DUCK before I sign Cool Chris P on anything he provided. He was so slow in getting anything repaired. He didn’t put screens on my windows until AUGUST. I moved in Feb. I had gotten maggots in my house, had spiders, earwigs. And when I first saw an EARWIG I thought it was a mini scorpion!! I had mold, mildew, a previous renters dog doo on the window, pissy smells on the carpets…At one time He thought I had a dog, which I did have a dog…a stuffed dog. Poochie has followed me to all my apartments. He’s so big and looks real. But had he been in my house for real to repair what needed to be replaced he would know that Poochie was stuffed. LOL There were many times when maintenance men came to my house back in Nashville and freaked thinking Poochie was a real KUJOE LOL! He’s my unofficial ADT. 

I learned a lot about the differences in people, places and things. I learned some things are not always as they appear. I thought a many times when I traveled to the boon docks that I was going to be killed, strung up on a maple wood tree or a hickory..God only knew when the last time a “colored” person graced these people’s shot gun houses or front doors. My first home visit made me sooooo uncomfortable, but after sweating through my blouse the parent with the confederate flag decor all over the front of his house explained to me in a slow accent, that he was not a racist…just southern and liked the flag..that’s all. How’d he know I was freaking out? Did he see my nose sweating and my eyes BUCKING OUT? Maybe, I thought I hid it. One of the few times I have prayed and cussed. Which I later did the praying and cussing during my first hiking trip. 

I had never been on a hike in MY LIFE. My first hiking trip was on April 14, 2012. I remember the date, because that’s the date I thought for sure I was going to return back to the earth as the dust I am. My heart pounded out of my chest, then showed up pounding in other places like my neck, forehead, throat. I thought for sure it was trying to find a way out of my body.  My lesson. Never to go hiking with very fit people with dogs. I envied all four legs on every dog I saw on the trail up the mountains. I needed to borrow the back legs of all the dogs I saw on that trail


As we were leaving the trail I felt something wrong with my hands. I thought dog why do they feel tight? I’m glad I don’t have any rings on. I looked down at my hands and saw somebody had switched my hands for Andre the GIANT! WHAT??!!!! My hands were so swollen, but went down about 30 minutes after I was finished with the hike. I called MAN and told him my story like….MAN my fingas were swollen! He told me I was hallucinating haha. The mountain fresh air had me thinking my hands were Andre the Giant’s hands. I said NO MAN!! For real, I kid you not. So he goes to church to spread the news. He called me later that day saying…well at church they said when you over exert yourself your hands do swell like that. Thanks Man..thanks. I know what my body was doing. I own it.

Anyway, stayed tune ahaha, I’ve got plenty more.


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