I had twist in my hair since the middle of September and thought to take them out this weekend. I told Man that I was taking them out and gee was he anxious about it. I don’t know why. POPS acts like I don’t know how to do my own hair lol. Or maybe he just liked my twist. And you know what? I wondered why my twist seem to hold up for so LONG. When taking them out…I realized why. The twist were twisted up until I got to the root of my hair where it was braided tightly. My hair is very soft at the edges, the top and the back of my head. This is where the braided part and five months I had the twists in my head did the most damage. By the time I got the braid/twists out, this kid had like mini dredlocks. I don’t want DREDS!!! My fingers are sore! I had to work the knots out slowly with oil and conditioner. Some tresses didn’t make it, either I had to cut them out or they are not as long as they were. I am now missing small pieces of my curls but thank GOD I’m a natural. I’ve got a lot of hair and it’s difficult to notice what’s missing unless one were a professional. It took 12 hours to put the twists in my hair and THREE days to take out! I had so many knotted locks. WHEW!!! My neck is sore too. Nightmare. So now I sit trying to clean all this weave and shed hair from all over the house. I have major cleaning to do matter of fact. My apartment has never been THIS bad. Between being ill with a little stomach thing last weekend, getting home late from work a few days, tiredness and a sinus infection, I just let stuff GO!! I mean go in a bad bad way. And my mood has been foul because I have been holding myself hostage in my house on the weekend..except last Saturday…afraid to use up too much gas on my free time since I drive a lot during the week and trying to mend my health.. *screams!

Anyway, no braids anymore and I’m FRO hair don’t care right about now. It’s like POOF and I love it. I fits my lioness personality! 


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