Welp, I have lost about 36 pounds and I can now start to feel it for myself and see it more now than before. But I have this huge fear of SABOTAGE! I’m known for it. First of all, I’ve always been a heavier girl and have never lost more than 20-30 pounds. *Disclaimer* back in college I used to work out 5 days a week and loved every moment of it AND I was still a heavier girl. Once I started working full time after college, I stopped and never got back in the groove to love it again. Anyway, back to the point. I have never been able to move past 20-30 pounds because I get toooooo happy and think. OK, I can afford to “treat” myself with this and that. Or I want some *fill in the blank* I deserve it, I’ve worked so hard. Next thing I know, it’s six months later and the kid done gained the weight back and some.. or close to it. It’s a sabotage that is a pattern in my life. I’m just old enough at 31 years old  to recognize it and put in the forefront of my psyche. Smh…I’m JUST now catching on..Well I can’t take back the past. That’s what makes it great to grow older, as it is expected to be wiser. And when you know better you do better. 

Ever find yourself sabotaging something that means so much to you? A goal? Why sabotage your efforts?? Something to think about!

Happy Reading! I totally adore you…true story!

Losing 36 pounds makes it soooo Cool2bChrisP! but what’s even better, is learning from my past mistakes! 


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