24 months continued

Well to add to my experiences here in the Southern part of this state. One day when I used to work in the boon boon docks and lived near VTech..I had anxiety all day about going to the Electricity office so I could pay my bill. If I did not pay the bill today then it would be late and that day was a Friday. I had failed to put the payment in the mail. So alllllllll day I thought, what time should I leave here to get to the Electric company? It will take me about 35-40 minutes to get there from here…what time should I leave? I need to get there before the line is out the door, before they close! I bet since it’s a Friday it’s PACKED wall to wall inside the office for people just like me about to be late on paying their bill. So I rushed out of my school..rushing, hoping I’m beating the traffic, the line of folks that would possibly be out of the door. I rolled up in the parking lot like I was driving in the Dukes of Hazzard…jumped out of my truck and walked swiftly through the double doors..BUT as the wind of the last door embraced my face I realized I rushed in vain. My eyes were greeted by the crisp cool air of an empty office. I walked straight up to the counter..there was NO ONE but me and the cashier in the place. I felt extremely silly. 
And I bet the cashier could see it all over my face. I told her I had rushed to get here to pay on time and to beat the “line”. She then says…nope, no line but as long as you pay within the week, you’re good. WHAT!? 

I have never seen anything in my life. lol And that was the moment where I noticed the difference between a town and a city. Nashville Electric Service’s line is wall to WALL..the cashiers even have glass up around them to protect them from livid people who’s bill is astronomically high. There have been times I have felt like going through that glass due to the amount of my bill…but I better not have an inquiry on my bill or a dispute. That’s when you have to go take a number over the the customer service desk. That’s not what you want in your life. You could be sitting there for hours…..

Ohhh the difference.


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