It’s that TIME!

It’s that Time of year again to celebrate my family. Man and Twin’s birthday is today. My brother’s would be on the 18th and my mom’s is on the 27th. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

I still hear my dad’s voice in my head when I am doing something or my house is a mess (mom’s too). We are 410 miles away ahaha. I praise God for being able to grow up with a father in the house at all times. I have not always gotten along with Man of course not. Sometimes I thought he needed to keep his comments to himself because he “doesn’t understand” or because he is “too set in his ways”….but I have really learned his personality the older I get and value his understandings. He has done the same things the older he gets with me. He was the one to teach me that there are always two sides to every story. Never judge before you hear the other side. I think that has helped me in my profession.

I remember when pops would come to school to check in on my brother and I. It was nice to have him there in elementary school because at the time, I was like 3 feet tall and so were my classmates. The kids would see Man come into class and be like WOAAAHHH he’s sooo tall! Yep. I hated when I got too old or too big for Man or my uncle to pick me up. As a kid when both of them picked me up it was like being on a roller coaster ahaha. I can still remember when I would go to Montgomery where twin (uncle) lives and see him and the first thing he’d do was pick me up. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to have a dad and uncle who are very close and twins…and tall…and loving.

When I was in elementary school, Man came to school for a Pilgrim day. The class learned how to make homemade butter. The butter that we made was put on the Buttermilk Bisquick Biscuits that pop made in the kitchen at school. When he came to class with a plate full of biscuits all golden, hot and enough for a full 2nd grade class we all were in heaven. The memory stays fresh in my mind. I appreciate it.

I remember one day when Man took me to take my driver’s license test. I failed the eye test..WITH my glasses on. It took all day in the DMV to even get tested..only to fail the eye test. I was soooo disappointed. But Man being the go getter, asked what could be done to correct. The lady behind the desk told him to go get a note from my eye doctor and come back. It was close to the end of the day, but he immediately whisked me off to the eye doctor, got a note from the doc and sped back to the DMV before closing. He handed them the note that excused my deficiency.I got my DL’s that day. Of course afterwards, I was lectured about how I needed to make sure I don’t always trust my eyes, always check and double check when driving. He tells me even today. I wanted at that moment for you to learn how to problem solve and not be down trotted when you don’t have to be or when you do not get your way the first time. Moments like that I adore..those teachable moments I hope are translated to the students I counsel and in my daily life.

Man is also a man of fashion. We didn’t have a lot, but what we did have, we wanted to make sure it went well together. He’s a stickler for me “dressing well at work”. There was a time when I went to work in jeans, a memphis t shirt and tennis shoes, but I worked in residential back then..Now I don’t dress the same. He is always concerned that I need to dress more business like. He would prefer me to work in business suits everyday…but I don’t have that type of job, nor do people dress in business suits anymore. I keep telling him the fashion is using different pieces to put together an outfit…but I do keep a couple of suits in the back of my closet.

I can also say that Man has shown me a lot about forgiveness, humility, and what being a Christian is about. I know people battle with their own improprieties, no one is perfect. But when you live life with someone who often time says, “I just want to go to heaven. That’s all I want”… That means a lot to me because he has taught me about Christianity all of my life and been consistent with it.

My birthday/Twin day wish for man and uncle is to make this the best time of their lives. To remain close and relatively healthy, to see things they have never seen…to enjoy life, love, family and friends.

My grandmother was born with a heart defect and was told that she would not live a full life…but she was able to live until 70 years old and had a daughter and a set of big, healthy twin boys.

Celebrating Man, uncle and these memories on today make it Cool2bChrisP!

Happy Reading!

Man and Twin make it Cool2bChrisP!


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