Starting off right.

I have been thinking about my routines in the mornings..I’m not the best morning person.A perfect morning would be at 10am rise.. Sometimes I get up within good timing and sometimes I don’t. Most times, I’m rushing to get out of the door by 7:40-7:50am, so I can commute my 31 miles down the interstate. It’s important for me to be on time and important for me to be safe driving. I hate rushing and I hate speeding to work contrary to popular belief.

When I get to work, I don’t really “wake up” until about 11am. The drive most times wears me out by the time I get to work. My thoughts while on the road are always on where the next state trooper is, when do I need to get gas..make sure I’m close to an ethanol free gas station. What’s that noise? Why do my tires sound loud? When’s my next oil change? God please let me be productive today. Gee my dreams last night were active? I am hungry! I need to fill up my water bottle and make sure I get my allotted water intake today. Thoughts thoughts thoughts.

So I’m thinking about starting my mornings off better…which means I need to go to bed earlier, which I have been doing better. I also need to get up in time, do some meditation, exercise, eat, then get myself together to head down the interstate. I will try this starting tomorrow..hopefully.

I will see how this works for my day. I want to start it off in a positive way.


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