Super SOUL Sunday!! My fav day of the week :-)

It’s my favorite day of the week again…Sunday almost doesn’t get as much credit as Saturday because the work day situation is right next to it. But please don’t treat Sunday like a second class citizen. 

My Sunday’s have had to look very different in recent months. I don’t like for my Sunday’s to be taken advantage of.  I have to FEEL like I have gotten something for my soul on Sunday’s.

I have a belief that Sunday’s should not look like any other day of the week. It should be a day to give of your time in communing with the Spirit, praying and meditating with Him, fellowshipping and having the renewal of the mind/soul. There should be a definite SILENCE of the “too much” stuff that we have every day of the week. All those things need to stop in reverence of the fact that we(I) made it here another week. God brought me through many many miles of interstate week after week. I got my bills paid another day to start all over again Lord’s willing tomorrow. My parents are doing well healthy as can be and look good too. My friends are well and are good to me. I am healthier than I have been in a while…Of course there are things I have to work on still and things I want right now more than later. But in this present moment, this Sunday. It’s a day of thanks from Me to My Creator. If I don’t stop any other day to recognize the “Wonder Working Powers” I WILL/DO on Sunday. 

I have had to take my Sunday’s more seriously recently because I have not gotten a lot of spiritual uplifting from church. It looks or feels like a seminar or that I am in a seminary class…no emotion, no passion..everything is timed like a schedule, everything is prepared like grad school and God has his place and it’s only in the Bible and in prayer. Which I believe God comes in dreams, visions, through the consciousness, etc. I believe in all of that. This is why people should not based their religion or spirituality on their ministers. God is He who sits on High and looks low. He’s higher than the words in the bible, Higher than the words spoken out of a minister’s mouth, Higher than the minister’s thoughts about God, Higher than the limits that man puts out there for us to not go passed. I am not downing church, because once I find a good fit, I’ll be back to my regular schedule. I need a church that does not take advantage of the time we have to learn, commune and fellowship with the saints and with God. But my lesson has been to not place God just inside the walls of the building, the bible or inside my minister.  I have learned to do more communing. I have learned that “all things are possible”. I have learned that my thoughts are not HIS thoughts….Hmm..What do you think about that? Happy “SuperSoul Sunday”! 


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