It has been a while huh?

Looks like I took a few months of a hiatus right? Well I did so to think. Somethings I let people know about with this blog and then other things I do not. I want to make sure I’m able to process in private..then pray..pray and pray. 


Updates? Well the picture of the “traveling friend” I posted sometime in April or March is no longer. He was a DUD in every sense of the word! And to tell the truth, when I found out some things about him after talking a couple of months…I moved on in thought. But my emotional person took a HIT, more than I realized. I felt something shift in my psyche. The violation of trust is a huge thing in a woman’s heart. There are times when a woman’s heart can forgive and move on, but time after time that forgiveness of alllllll man species gets quite weak, suspicious of everything, and broken. 

I have been working or more like thinking about what I want for my future as far as education and career goals. 

I am still working on my weight. I have been exercising at least 2-3x a week since the first week in April. There was a once a week one time when I was not feeling well a couple weeks ago. This week I have only done two times as my allergies/sinuses have been kicking my tail. Anyway, I hope to get back to three times a week plus one. I have seen improvements in measurements rather than weight dropping on the scale. I am stuck between 36-39 pounds lost on the scale. My clothes are not fitting well. I have been trying to be innovated as I put on clothes that look like they are swallowing me up. There are clothes I am starting to wear that I have not worn in several years. I mean comfortably worn in about 6 years during my personal training days. I do know I have not seen this weight in about 8 years or so. I’m praying I could bust through the plateau and get to the business of being 40 plus pounds down. 


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