Your Responsibility!

Good Sunday afternoon. You know Sunday morning and afternoon, are my favorite parts of the weekend. It is my time to reflect on my week doing self inventory, I think about Jesus and the Trinity, my wants, needs, desires..Sunday just brings it all home for me. 

With all of that being said, I thought about my own responsibilities. Yes, we all have the responsibility to go to work everyday, pay bills, etc. But what about the other responsibilities? The responsibilities to yourself? Those are even more important than the everyday things that keep our electricity burning. 

Let me tell you what I’m thinking.

It is YOUR responsibility to learn about yourself, to become self aware of what you need as a person whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. No one else can learn of you, but YOU. It is true, that some people you know will point out things about your character that you were not even cognizant of…Keep those people around if you can, they are the people who wish to do you good although it may feel like they’ve just hit you upside the head with a baseball bat. 

After learning about yourself, it’s your responsibility to CHANGE what you don’t like. Don’t rely on anyone else to change you or to even be aware enough to change themselves around you. YOU can only be responsible for changing yourself in this world. This is a process. We love to complain, love to talk, love to talk about how wrong so and so is…but the only thing is, you never tell so and so. And if you do tell so and so, it’s in a way that may be detrimental to GROWTH. Learn of yourself, do for yourself and grow in a way that does not bring destruction, but only construction.

It is your responsibility to make yourself HAPPY! It’s not your boss’ duty, your boo’s job, your children, your work, NOTHING. It is your responsibility to seek out those things that truly are good for you and make you feel YOUR BEST. And by things, some get is construed, that “things” mean material or possessions. That is not always the case. To feel your best, one has to look within and take inventory.

It is your Responsibility to FORGIVE your love ones, parents, guardians for the feelings of abandonment, neglect, being ignored, abused..etc. This is the most hardest one. I heard someone say that adulthood is the time where people are getting over their childhood. I see some truth in that. Children see their parents or adults as “gods”. They could do no wrong…many times when we get older, we may realize the character flaws in them as a parent or even as a person. We may realize they too have their own idiosyncrasies brought on by fears, anxieties, inadequacies or even from events stemming from how their parents raised them. Some people are just evil in intent yes, but there are others that are only doing the best they know how…. Forgiving those people in your life will do you a lifetime of good service. Do you know why? Because in time, there will be good people passing through your world wanting to attach to you, but due to carrying an unforgiving heart for the issues in your past, you will never be able to LOVE those good people fully without hurting them or hurting yourself in the process. All relationships whether parental, romantic, or brotherly, are based off attachments. Our first relationship starts at our conception as we began our attachment to our mothers.  Many times our relationships in adulthood are cut off due to our lack of forgiveness which allows US to move on.

Grief unresolved comes out or shows up in many forms. I am a true believer of that. I have seen it in my own life personally and professionally. It is your responsibility to get through that process…the most hardest thing to do in life.



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