If you don’t know by now, you know now, that this KID lovesssss RADIO!

Radio back in my younger days was my way of escapism. When my parents didn’t want to take me anywhere or didn’t have the funds to go anywhere, the best escape was sitting up in my room listening to the radio and having fun vicariously through the callers and the DJ. I remember I’d listen to Toni Braxton’s new LP (on tape), but through my stereo. RICK WALKER was famous on 92Q back in Nashville and he would come on oh so enthusiastically at 6PM! His jingle was DOPE! “It’s 6 o’clock YALL! WHO YOU WIT? GET CRUNK, RICK WALKER YALL!” 

Throughout the years Radio had become my best friend. From Nashville to Memphis and even better…when you go out of town and you find you a Miami station or a Chicago, New York station. Then there’s Birmingham station, ATL station’s with all of this energy for the mornings, afternoon, evening and late nights! I always like finding a station out of town and seeing how different it was from my hometown station…..What happened????

I moved up to these parts of the state and RADIO got BORING!!! There was only one urban channel and that channel is geared to I don’t know what kinda people. There’s no energy, no enthusiasm, no updates on what’s going on in the world. NOTHING! I had to call in last year for them to talk about the Trayvon Martin trial. This year, there was no tribute to Maya Angelou or nothing! It makes me sad. PLUS my cd player has been broken in my truck since New Years of 2011. I’m extra sad. 

As a resort, I have to find stations on my Iheartradio app. So I listen to a number of stations, but my most favorite is the Doug Banks Radio Show, headquartered out of Chicago, but syndicated nationally. 

The other day, I thought to call into the station to discuss a topic with Dede McQuire, George and Marcy. Doug was in and out of the studio that day. I think it was on Tuesday. The topic was, what is your type and what did you end up with? I started laughing, because my type is tall, light skinned with a thick type body fit for football or basketball and older men. What do I have now? Well I’m talking to a younger short white man. ahaha! So I called into the radio station hoping to get in, but not thinking I would. I called and hung up three times bc the line was busy. I hung and said, Lord…called again and got through! I am thinking the call taker was DOUG but I ended up talking to Dede, George and Marcy!! I liked to have DIED because I was talking to them over the air!!!!! They made jokes of course, said my name and everything! I got off the phone with them and my phone was still connected to the app! There is a delay in timing, so I was able to hear myself talking to DeDe and GEORGE! That made my day!!! I was shaking for about 5 minutes after that. I needed that excitement in my life!!! 



One thought on “Radio PART DEUX!

  1. What’s up! My favorite radio station these days is 1070 WDIA from 4:30-5:20, the time I get home. Janis Fullilove and the World Famous Kylan. They are hilarious. Although, I used to listen to Doug Banks when I was in graduate school, briefly. Briefly listened and briefly in school HAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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