Delinquent Chris P!

I have not kept up my blog in a few months almost two months. There has been a lot on my mind, but I decided not to jot it down for fear of incriminating myself. In due time all will know what I am thinking..

In the meantime, I turned 32 years old on August 5th. I went home to Good ole’ Nashville to celebrate only for a week. I normally like to enjoy myself for more than a week during the month of August; however school in these parts started extremely early this year….and it was a very short short summer. I blinked and the 5 weeks was over. Even though I work in a school, I still work during the summers. The summer work often consist of doing double work and for the past two summers I have done a lot of double work, meaning I have spent much of my time with other clients and hustling trying to find my own clients during the summer. And, no I do not get paid extra for my drive time or work.

I do get annoyed with being so far away from work at times, but at the same time I don’t want to live in a small town where it’s a high probability that I may see my clients, coworkers, and other school staff while at the grocery store looking rough one weekend. Also there is nothing really to do close by where I work, except maybe eat, hang out at somebody’s house or attend a VT game. And I am not a VT fan. I did not consider those factors when I moved here 2.5 years ago. I was just so bright eyed and bushy tail over a new experience and a new job.

Another annoyance is, I travel home every four months usually. I always like to get maintenance done on my truck before heading out. It’s usually the day before or the day of getting on the interstate. It appears that every time I am about to get on the road I have to do a major car repair. It’s anywhere from $250-550 a pop! Most times I wait until I go home (if it can wait) so I can get a few of my mechanics to complete the tasks..but that is if they have time. I have been blessed in the past to have a church member who is a Nissan Mechanic work on what he can at his house. It has saved me and pop a BUNCH! Then there are some things he cannot do at his house. I also found out that some of my maintenance is cheaper in Virginia. I had my wheel bearing go out, which I had to replace the hub too. That was $350. I paid for that on three different cards. My credit, my debit and my dad’s debit. My truck is getting up there in age. It is now 8 years old with almost 138,000 miles on it. I got Ladybug at 4 years old with 41,500 on it.. Compared to a Honda, it’s still a baby. I have never had an older nissan. I am hoping, just like my Honda that I can have it another 100K miles. Please Father God!

I have a financial plan that is coming up. I plan on paying off both my low, but maxed out credit cards which got maxed out on essentials…except when I went to Florida last summer.. I don’t have but probably 5-6 more months to pay on my car note. And the dreaded student loans is awaiting me by the end of next month. It’s a shame that with a master’s degree I feel that I am barely keeping my head financially above water. If I have to go to the doctor or do a car repair, you mine-as-well scream for a life guard!

So anyway, here’s to planning and getting ahead, so that at least I can move forward!


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