Hey there! I moved!


This year has been unique. In the two years that I have had this blog, this year I completely slowed down with posting the most important stuff. Maybe I slowed because I was scared to put it out there that Virginia was not the spot for me. The loneliness and the lack of finances finally took its toll on me. I could no longer do it. So I made a decision in May that I would return home. I began looking for jobs online in the Nashville area so I could procure a job and then move. Well, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. In June my job came out with this new policy that stated they would starting capping all employees who resigned their positions after Sept 1st. What that meant was that how many hours you had in Paid time off it would be capped at 60 hours vs. 192 hours for anyone who quit after the 1st. I thought about it and thought, well I will get a job before Sept right? The closer it got to September the more anxious I got. I had about 176 hours of PTO by the middle of August ,but could not stomach the fact that after the 1st I could potentially lose about $2000. I could think of a lot of things I could do with $2000. So I made the hard decision to put in my letter of resignation on August 19th. I thought it would be easy, but it turned out to be hard. First, I never knew I had gotten so attached to my kids at the school, my school staff and some of coworkers as much as I did. The transition to not being around them took a lot out of me. I would see my school staff and kids in my dreams for several weeks after leaving my position.

I was hit with sickness as well after I put in my resignation with stomach issues, I lost weight and then gained weight, crazy. I have kept a crook in my neck for about two months.

On my last day I finished a stack of files/records and placed it in my supervisor’s box by the end of that date. Yes, I actually worked until 4:45pm on my last day while I’m sure other people would have been gone with a ton of unfinished work.  My clients overwhelmed me completely on my last day. I made the mistake of going inside the cafeteria to find a couple of kids and was attacked by droves of children attaching themselves to my person. Asking to be seen just “one more time”…”can I eat lunch with you?” PUHLESEEEE..*puppy dog eyes. I had several kids in my office all day long and even a few non clients squeeze themselves into my office to eat with me. My last day was also the same day as my Unit picnic which I had every plan to make..but when I looked at the clock after being attacked, the clock said 12:45p. The thing was over at 2pm. The location was about 30-35 minutes away. I could not make it. That made me feel bad, as I told my coworkers I would see them there. *sad face* but at the same time I wouldve had a sad face if I didn’t see some of my kids for the last time. When I resigned on 9/12 after weeks of trying to get my paperwork together and tie up loose ends with my kids and families, I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted…I actually went out with a coworker right after the drop off of my files to eat and decompress. When I finally made it home that evening, I immediately got sick at the stomach and spent a little time in the bathroom.

The following days were spent dining with a few friends and then getting my mind right for packing. I had not packed yet and my family would be in town to assist in the move in three days. I started getting serious with packing on Monday-Tuesday of that next week. By the time my parents came up on Thurs night/early Friday morning, much to all of the packing was already done…


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