One trip from Nashville to Miami coming right up!

I made a bus trip to Miami from Nashville on Oct 23rd. It was interesting to say the least to take a greyhound that far down south. We picked up characters in ATL! That’s when the Ebola fearful passenger got on the bus with a face mask on. The guy who was on the bus with me from Nashville, sat next to this face mask lady and asked in a very thick southern accent and loudly, YOU GOT THAT EBOLA?!  She said, nah I ain’t go no ebola. He said, well I DON’T either…she said, but I ain’t gonna take no chances! Well lady, you forgot to cover your eyes and all of your exposed skin…WAH WAH! I’d be more concerned about catching scabies or the flu in these tight quarters with God’s most interesting humans on board….IJS

Anyway the bus trip was so worth it to get to Miami. I am in love with the life of Miami. I’m a sucker for ocean water, dark colored people, accents, exotic cars, restaurants, sun and warm water. While I was down there I saw a ferrari, Maserati, Porshes galore, Bentley’s and your Lexus, Acura’s, BMW’s and Mercedes are like Honda’s down in South Florida. I just drool when I see the cars that are worth more than three years my salary. Hey but I saw a sign that you could lease a Maserati for $700 a month. LOL! That’s rent. You could live in it! haha

Anyway, the first two days in Miami it was rainy and just cloudy. I got to downtown Miami on Friday mid-day for the “O-Town” festival which featured some food trucks, activities, and chances to win a lot of things under these tents. I saw Gail up front with her rain boots on. Her weave held up relatively well in the dampness. I am so glad I wore shoes at the event rather than sandals. There was rain and puddles everywhere. Ladies with their fresh pedicures were getting their feet all wet up. Smart choice Cool Chris…smart. The festival was located a block down from the American Airlines arena off Biscayne. If you don’t know the American Airlines arena is where the Miami Heat play basketball. I walked to Bayside to pick up lunch and coffee. Bayside is like an outdoor/indoor mall, it’s some nice people watching in that mall. On my walk to the mall, I saw a car from Davidson County, TN. I had to get a picture, as I was thinking…I could’ve road with these people from Nashville rather than the greyhound..teehee.

I went alone, but I never did feel lonely. A lady in line with me to get our wristbands, turned to me and asked if I was by myself. I said Emmhmm. She asked did nobody want to come with you? I said, well I thought of it close to the last minute and right now I am not working, so I took advantage. I was not going to wait for this open opportunity. Since I am not working and wanted to go to the beach by the end of the year, I decided to make it happen by myself. The lady said, I heard that..Yes ma’am, that’s just how I roll with life. I just DO IT!

There was a DJ called DJ kiss at the indoor event and she played the H out of some tunes. I was the most happiest when the music was playing. Especially when they played “Hold on” by Wilson Phillips as I was reminded of the movie “Bridesmaids”. The DJ played some Miami Sound Machine, Marvin Gaye, old school and some new school type music while they posted the dancing crowd on the Jumbotron. There were a few men in the crowd and when the men were featured on the jumbotron the crowd went wild. There were 13k people there….
When Oprah came out at 7pm on Friday night, I was like…I made it here! I always wanted to go to an Oprah show or be featured on a good Oprah show. And I am HERE with the cheapest seats everrrr. LOL! I told my seat mates that we had to take a short flight in order to get to our seats. But who wants to pay $600-$1000k dollars to have the better seats? Not unless it was gifted to me.

Shout out to the Renfroe’s for housing me, feeding me and letting me drive their vehicle. My plan was to take an Uber to the American Airlines arena, but I didn’t have to do that. They satisfied a true roamer’s heart by letting me drive their truck to find my way there!! Awesome sauce. The first night I did not get home until way after 10:30p. I got a little turned around as my GPS got me off the interstate on Homestead rather than Pines Blvd. Teehee..minor challenge.

The second day of the tour started at 7am and NO I did not participate in anything at 7am. The second day was absolutely beautiful as the sun came out to play. I got the AA arena right at 8:45 and had some troubles with the credit card machine at Biscayne not validating my card. It took me about 10 minutes to get it right, but I got it done with the help of some kind people who looked like they had MONEY! I shared this on my facebook, but the lady who pulled up with her guy in a beautiful Range Rover put in her credit card for me and was going to pay my parking fee of $24 if the meter was working right, but it wasn’t.

The second day featured Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert and Iyanla Vanzant. I wasn’t too impressed with Rob Bell. I’d rather had Brene Brown. The “universe” and God do not go together and are not the same. God made the universe. I don’t have to ask it or put anything out there in said universe. I ask God who knows the desires of my heart. I realize they were entertaining the masses and trying to touch everybody, but baby I’m all the blood of Jesus over here. What I took out of it was being aware of yourself amongst the chaos of life. Being aware of the present moment, knowing the power of your intentions, listening to your inner voice, releasing your past in an acceptance rather than beating yourself up about it, and enjoying life outside of the pain. Pain will come, don’t deny the pain, just progress through it and align yourself with what feels healthy. If I had gone to this tour around time I worked for Youth Villages around 2009. I would have been a teary MESS! From 2008-2012 my life was a time of sheer pain. I had to get by myself in Virginia to put the pieces of my life back together again. And what a wonderful place to be able to put yourself back together huh? The countrysides did me well for the time I was there, the people are salt of the earth! God always choses well!!

I also got off on the energy of the crowd. People at the American Airlines Arena were the nicest people ever. It was like everybody knew each other already. And just like that…it was over..

The next day I went to church with Mrs. Renfroe and church was dynamic! I had not heard such an exuberant preaching in a long time. The preacher is Kevin Jones at Pembroke Park CC. He’s fairly young and excitable. I wrote down notes and still remember what his sermon was about. He came from Genesis chap 15:1 talking about Abrahm having anxiety and fear. and God saying to an insecure Abrahm. FEAR NOT, I am thy shield and thy exceedingly great reward. He talked about How we get lost in minutes or moments that don’t look right, but God has already seen that minute, because He is the God of everlasting to everlasting. “FEAR NOT” YESSSAHH what a word.

After church we went back home, changed clothes and I did a quick shaving of my legs for the beach…note to self…never shave your legs and then swim in salt water!!!! My legs felt like I had been beat by a belt on my behind and then sat down in hot water. It took it a few minutes to stop feeling like that too. We ate at this place called Mangoes in Los Olas. As we ate on the outside and talked,this random guy who was walking down the blvd sidewalk stopped at our table and started talking!! LOL. He asked us, which one is mine? Or where is mine? Referring to what we had on the table. I said, babe this is not any of yours. What is yours is walking down the street. He laughed and walked off. My my my..

The beach in Los Olas was crowded. Tons of dark colored people lounging on the sands and in the water. LOVEEEE…Who can believe that I was about to SWIM in late October?? I have neverrrrr done that! I was too excited, to the point I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest and run off in front of me towards the water.

The funny thing though. I don’t like choppy water or waves that much. I always think I’ll go under, but the thing about it is…I can always stand up. I got out in the water, legs burning and waded for a minute…thinking, am I going to swim or am I too scared of some of these waves. I look around to see younger kids smacking the waves with their bodies and laughing, going out further than I would, laughing and having fun. I was like man, kids just have no fear whatsoever. And what am I doing being fearful in the water I was so excited about getting into?? I stopped my fear thoughts and just went down. To me, the best feeling of going in the water is when you get your hair wet. I wanted to get the salt water on on my face as I’ve read that salt water cures whatever ails you. There’s some healing in the ocean water. I wanted to clear up some acne and greyhound cooties. I got hit a couple of times in the face with the waves, but by then it didn’t matter. The water got in my nose, mouth and eyes and I was cool with it after the initial the salt water going down my nose is cleansing too.

I finally leaned back to float on my back and started to have a prayer with me and Jesus. I was talking out loud, asking, praising, and it was a very spiritual experience to be floating in God’s element with nothing but water in sight. I felt a pure connection with God and the earth for that short moment. I just kept talking aloud, in my own floating bubble. There’s this old hymn that says, “Just Jesus and Me”……..and after while, I looked up and over to see a kid standing close by me. Hahaha. I looked at him, smiled and he just walked off..probably thinking I had lost my mind talking to myself ahaha. Oh well.

Stay tuned!



4 thoughts on “One trip from Nashville to Miami coming right up!

  1. Girllll you are bout it bout it. Travelling alone… you go girl! But um, next time someone asks if you are alone you need to tell them no, my boyfriend or bff or baby’s daddy is here somewhere lol. Forreal forreal.

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