I need to do betta….Happy NEW YEAR Frannnsss :-)

It has been since November since my last POST!! Shame ON meeee!! I’m sorry to have left my audience in such silence! I just don’t have any internet over at my dad’s house. Womp Womp, so it is much harder to leave the house and catch wifi at Panera, Kroger, or the library. November, December, January, February and here we are in MARCH! It’s almost another season come and gone. I just wanted you to know that I will do better on writing. I will update you on being unemployed, traveling, my wins and my struggles. OH BOY! keep your seat belts buckled for the ride that I have been on. And stayed tuned to where I think I want to go to get my Ph.D. My mind has changed on locality. Closer may not be better, yet it all depends on the money! I will not be paying for the DR. teehee 🙂

I got work to do. *Arnold Swarzenegger(sp?)voice* I’ll be back!


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