April Showers bring May Flowers!

Helllloooo April and springtime storms!! I actually love daytime storms, but not so much those night time storms, at least not right now. When I lived in an apartment the noise of the storms were cushioned for some reason, I guess by other apartments. It wouldn’t bother me to sleep right through a storm. I just take a sigh and a thank GOD for being in the bed, and roll back over. The thunder and wind were not so audible in the apartment. Being back home and facing the North side of the atmosphere, I can hear the wind pushing against my bedroom windows at night now. I actually think my windows make things sound worse..makes me think a tornado is coming, but it’s a little bit of wind. Overnight the thunder sounded like God was playing a good game of baseball. It was batter up time!! The lightening was God pitching the ball to himself, the wind was him running to home base to pick up his bat and hit the ball with His might and the THUNDER was him cracking the ball wide open at first hit. That’s my take on it. Consider my thoughts šŸ™‚

I also thought to pray for those homeless individuals and to pray for our homes during this time of God’s baseball season. Lightening easily causes fires and other destruction. But all is well that ends well RIGHT?


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