Merry Christmas 2015

Let there be Peace on Earth! Don’t we pray for that more now than we ever have before? There’s been many many challenges this year in the world of human connection. There has been a lack thereof of empathy for others, lots of judgements, slanderous behaviors, wars and unnecessary deaths, but I don’t want to concentrate on the bad news…ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, internet, FOX, etc will give you enough of that stuff. Today, I want to concentrate on the goodness that is in humanity and the goodness that is with God’s people. This year, 2015 was a different year for me. I’ve had to learn to lean on Christ more now than I ever had. My prayer life also changed in 2015. That is a true gift in itself. On a side note, there’s tons of stuff that didn’t go well for me, but there’s even more that went well. I would love to have gotten into UT-Knox, but I was rejected…Now it’s onto other applications and I have areas of improvement. I  also would have loved to have continued working out and losing..but honey when the days started getting shorter with the fall season, down went my energy and all my spring and summer efforts have fallen off. Give me a couple of months to get back to where I was and I will. The kid will never give up! I am stronger physically than I was this time last year…my weight has also started to redistribute to my backside too..this is a first.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I turned 33 years old this year. To some, 33 is a spiritual age. It is the age that Jesus went to the cross and bore it all. It was time to fulfill the promise and the purpose of His life. It was on my 33rd birthday that an event happened that I immediately felt like a full blown woman and no longer a child. My testimony became living when I turned over to 33 and I will never forget the feeling.

This year  I also found my Tittle family. It had been a long time coming. We searched over the years and called people who didn’t know anything about who we were looking for and the disappointment came and then the “give up”. I had a conversation with God and said I’m going to try one more time. And that one more time became a lead on a census on ancenstry, to white pages, to an obituary and facebook…all of the sudden, out pops a gazillion cousins. We went from only three people with no history, to a tree full of branches and roots. The trip to California was one for the books. Our Tittle fam bam pulled out the stops for us and had us residing in a comfortable abode all week. None of us had ever been to the WEST coast and before finding the Tittle’s I was itching to explore that part of the US. Finding them has been a major blessing. Which leads me to the lesson of human connection. The gofundme account was posted on facebook and on emails. I was very humbled by the individuals who gave on the gofundme, gave me cash at church or mailed me cash. The first people to give were individuals that I have not known as long as others. This fact made me tear up, that they did not hesitate to give freely, just so that my family and I could reunite. I thank God for them. I also had an anonymous donor who gave a lot of money and this gave me goosebumps. I have always said, I know some of the best people in the world!

I have to head to the store, (you know Walmart isn’t closed) but this story will be continued shortly! Love you and Merry Christmas 2015!




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