The beautiful Hilton Head July 2016

I had a blast this past week while in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Who knew SC was so beautiful? I had a pedicure on day one, got a great deal of sun, hit the waves, rode bicycles, ate, walked, laughed and rested. Shout out to my boo thing for coming with me to keep me from going alone. The shrimp and crab cakes were incredible and so was the scenes. I have never been to golf resorts before in my life. To drop off boo thing to his golfing events that were located on resorts was to die for. The nature, not only do you have pine trees, but you have palms trees…and those trees that have the moss hanging off of them. Every business was encased in very nice buildings and nature is preserved down that way. I met some really good people while down there who were very kind. The ladies at the spa, the parents with their children, the business owners and such. Our recommendations of eateries are Steamers, the Oyster Factory and Stacks for breakfast!

I had not been on a bicycle in ages so bike riding through S Forest Beach and Pope Avenue was so fun! I think we rode about 2-3 miles. And yes I was sore the next day, but totally worth it. Where to next??


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